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A Brief History of the Mayan Empire

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List of South American Indian and Mexican Tribes

South America         Mexico
Orinoco River Delta of Venezuela Amazon  Rain Forest of Venezuela Amazon Rainforest of Venezuela and Brazil Amazon Rain Forest of Brazil Matto Grosso of Brazil States of
Jalisco and Nayarit
Waroa Indians Guahibo Tribe Yanomamo Indians   Maku Indians Huichol Indians
  Penare Indians     Nambiquara Tribe Karaja Indians
  Piapoco Indians     Ticuna Tribe Kayapo Tribe
  Piaroa Indians     Waimiri-Atroari Indians Xerente Tribe
  Yekuana Indians     Wai Wai Tribe  


Guatemala, the epicenter of the Maya Indian Civilization is located South of Mexico between the Caribbean Sea and the Pacific Ocean.

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Detail map of southern Guatemala highlands
Map of major Maya Archaeological sites
Amazonia from space

South America




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