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A Brief History of the Mayan Empire

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The Mayan Indian Language is one of the most fascinating to behold in written form.  Stories were documented through the use of a set of Hieroglyphics representing full words and syllabics.  It is due to this sophisticated method of storytelling that we are better able to understand Mayan Indian life from the exploits of great warriors to festive and religious rituals.

From representations of animals and the elements to actions and titles, Mayan glyphs were divided into several categories.   Here is a reproduction of various Mayan Indian glyphs:

Mayan Glyphs were divided into the following categories:

-Emblem Glyphs

-Aristocratic Titles

-Names or Family Titles 

-Symbols, or Logos




The Rabbit in The Moon website features pages with both the spoken and written Mayan Indian Language examples.  There is a section where you can even write your date of birth and see it displayed as Hieroglyphs.

A Table of Mayan Numerological Glyphs

Yucatec Maya Pronunciation and Everyday Phrases


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