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A Brief History of the Mayan Empire

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  1. Where can I find information about the Mayan Empire?
  2. Did Mayan culture predate the Egyptian Culture?
  3. How was the Mayan calendar different from the Gregorian calendar?
  4. Did the Maya Indian live from hunting, or agriculture?
  5. What did the Maya Indian Kings wear?
  6. Were Mayan villages built alongside waterways, or were they built inland?
  7. Was the Mayan Indian civilization peaceful, or warring?
  8. Is it possible for tourists to explore a Mayan ruin, or a Mayan Vilage?
  9. Where can I find Mayan art exhibits?
  10. Who was the Mayan God Quetzalcoatl?
  11. What were the different functions of the Mayan temple?
  12. Were there many Gods in Mayan religion?
  13. What can we learn from studying Mayan architecture?
  14. Was Chichen Itza a Mayan palace?
  15. Where can I find examples of the Mayan number system?
  16. Where can I find examples of Mayan glyphs?
  17. Did the Mayan sacrifice humans to their Gods?
  18. Why was Mayan astronomy so sophisticated?
  19. Where can I see ruins of Ancient Maya Indian Pyramids?
  20. Where can I read about the Incredible Origin of the Maya Indian Civilization?
  21. Why do people believe Extra-Terrestrials may have been responsible for Maya Architecture?
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